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Our Profile

Umang Ayurveda has been established in the year, 2022. Umang Ayurveda Company was lead and nurtured by the Great Visionary “Mr.W.SOPAN”. Now, we are in direct selling of its products since November, 2023. We deal with Manufacturing & Marketing Various Products into Ayurvedic Health Care Supplement, Home Care, Personal Care, Organic Farming Products, etc. “Umang Ayurveda”, India’s Emerging Omni Channel is destined with thousands of happy customers; has been established Across India in 2022 through Traditional Market. Now, we are bringing our favourite products and keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and needs, an ever growing Online community for ayurveda, herbal, FMCG, organic and wellness range. We go out of our way to give you Only The Best.

We have obtained all necessary licensing from different agencies. We are registered with Ministry of Consumer Affairs under the compliant law for Direct Selling Companies. Our manufacture are GMP certified, HALAL & KOSHER certified as well. We also have FSSAI, ISO, HACCP certifications. As of now we have launched more than 100 products in different categories. All our products maintain supreme quality at par with international standards.

Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine, originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. Ayurveda means Knowledge of life. Based on the idea that disease is due to an imbalance or stress in a person's consciousness, Ayurveda encourages certain lifestyle interventions and natural therapies to regain a balance between the body, mind, spirit, and the environment. Ayurveda is based on ancient writings that rely on a natural and holistic approach to physical and mental health. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and remains one of India’s traditional health care systems. Ayurveda medicines are prepared and developed between 2500 and 500 BC. The concepts of universal interconnectedness, the body's constitution (prakriti), and life forces (doshas) are the primary basis of ayurvedic medicine. Goals of treatment aid the person by eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing resistance to disease, reducing worry, and increasing harmony in life.

Ayurveda literally means “The Science of Life” and it represents the Oldest Complex Medical System of “Healthy Life Principles” and focussed on views of man and his illness.
Basic Doctrine & Principles of Ayurveda
Ancient Indian sages believe that the entire universe is composed of Five Elements: 1. Vayu (air), 2.Jala (Water), 3.Aakash (Space), 4.Prudvi (Earth) and 5. Teja (Fire). These five elements are called PANCHA MAHABHOOTA in Ayurveda. The origin of ayurvedic teachings and medicines date back to the ancient times. The three humours Vata Deosha, Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha are collectively called Tridoshas.

Why Umang Ayurveda

All Umang Ayurveda Supplements are prepared by using the Guide Lines of ancient Indian sages following the Historical Indian Vedas.
Assured Quality and Quantity of all products.
Timely Delivery of Products with Industry Best Quality Packing .
We provide Well Maintained Support System and Customer Care Services.
We provide Best Business Plan with More Income and earnings.
We have Committed Staff and management.
We also provide Home Made Best Quality Product among the world.
Time to Time Regular Payouts and credit it in your account.
The Best Platform in Ayurveda Marketing for your successful career and bright future.

Umang Ayurveda